Under­ground Market sizzles this weekend


It’s the snarky tag used to mock anything stereotypically “Indie-Alternative” in today’s pop culture:

“I saw/heard/wore that before anybody else.”

It’s literally ripped straight from the script of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. And I — for one — am one of those crazy kids who loves to throw that line at others. Guilty as charged.

We can add the verb “eat” to that list, as we relish in the return of SF Underground Market. The hip art-show-esque party is back this year with more than 300 up-and-coming food vendors unleashing culinary dreams before they make it big and go mainstream.

Affordable and in-the-know foodie fantasy? I think so. Especially when the event is put on in the expansive Public Works warehouse-party-style space and accompanied with drinks and music.

Started by food-loving mega-kitchen effort ForageSF in 2009, Underground Market gives supportive attendees a taste of the fare that small-business-hopefuls cook up in their own kitchens.

Because, as well all know, foods like jerk chicken and cupcakes tend to be better homemade.

The Forage community boasts three projects that helps aspiring food geniuses let their culinary creations loose on a small audience, serving as “a first step for artisans as they grow the financial and community support to embark on their road to small business ownership.”

While a by-the-book approach to food industry dreams can take an unforgiving amount of time and money, vendors that make up the Underground Market serve a hungry young crowd for just $5 at the door.

Which is great in a city where you pay way more than that for a stiff drink at some bars.

ForageSF’s Underground Market returns to the Mission District July 28 starting at 6 p.m. at the Public Works event space at 161 Erie Street. Admission is $5 and attendees must be 21 or older.

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