Plan hatched to haul away Ocean Beach sand


You know that black City garbage can you haul to the curb every week?

Next time, instead of trash, try filling it up with sand. Then, do that another 631,167 times.

You’ll get three things: First, a heck of a lot of sand. Second, enough back pain to knock you up for weeks. Third, it’ll give you an idea of how much sand is going to be transported from the O’Shaughnessy Seawall to Sloat Boulevard in the soon-to-be Ocean Beach Sand Management project.

The Ex reports the National Park Service — in conjunction with The City’s Department of Public Works and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission — will be putting the five-week project into play as a result of record-breaking sand displacement along The City’s Pacific coast.

Historic levels of shifting sand along Ocean Beach have resulted in 65 road closures along Great Highway just this year.

Once these epic amounts of sand are relocated to the erosion site south of Sloat, the project will monitor how well and how long the sand stays in place and protects the bluffs.

Though there will be some road closures while these monumental amounts of sand are being moved — including southbound lanes on Great Highway and a parking lot on Sloat — the project is expected to save government money and city maintenance efforts that have gone into the year’s previous sand displacement work.

The three agencies have yet to finalize a starting time for the project to begin or how much city financing will go into it, but it is estimated to begin taking effect at the beginning of August, and could possibly cost The City around $700,000.

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