Exposing Mexican cartels’ ties to South Bay


Increased problems with drug activity in Santa Clara County are said to be related to Mexican drug cartels, according to Deputy District Attorney Patrick Vanier.

Vanier said several big incidents in the San Jose and Gilroy area were definitely linked to foreign cartels.

In January of 2011, a triple-homicide took place in the Mexicali Club in San Jose. The suspects are linked to a cartel and the killings were drug-related, Vanier told NBC Bay Area:

“The Mexicali homicide is an example of this cartel-related violence occurring here in our neighborhoods.”

Authorities seized huge amounts of drugs in the past few months alone, with 750 pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine confiscated in March, compared to 400 pounds in all of 2009. All seizures have been related to drugs cartels or gang activity.

Vanier said the cartels are stealthy and well-organized, operating secretly and able to sneak past the law at times.

Mexican cartels also have bases throughout California despite having headquarters beyond the U.S. border.

Santa Clara County has become a hotspot for drugs, with families living in Silicon Valley processing drugs for cartels, he said:

“It is a business. They run their organization like a Fortune 500 company.”

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