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B-Weez ‘rollin’ with Squatch’ at the ESPYs

Like most other bleeding Giants fans, I miss Brian Wilson.

And not just for his athletic abilities.

I miss his presence in the dugout and his post-game interviews. I miss that he got fined for his neon-bright cleats, and the fact that his beard has more personality than other athletes have all together.

Heck, sometimes I think I even miss The Machine popping into the background of his YouTube webisodes.

But while that season-ending Tommy John surgery might have taken our beloved B-Weez out of the Giants clubhouse, it sure didn’t stop him from making another jaw-dropping, head-scratching appearance at this year’s ESPY Awards with his show date: a Sasquatch.

Surely, you all remember when the World Series closer showed up to last year’s award show in a painted-on penguin suit that left little to the imagination – except for maybe his sanity.

And while he chose to sport a simple suit and tie – and signature Rasta beanie – this year, nobody had a more media-frenzied accessory than Wilson had in his dear friend “Squatch.”

(For the record, I can’t be the only Star Wars geek out there that saw pictures of the two and instantly thought of a demented Han Solo and Chewbacca.)

The man clearly out-did himself this year, because, hey, being the Lady Gaga of the ESPY Awards doesn’t allow for Weez to play it safe on the red carpet.

And playing into his own shenanigans like only Brian Wilson can, he took to Twitter later in the evening to answer his fans’ questions about Squatch, including what conditioner the beast uses and why he didn’t make the ESPN Body Issue.

Real question is: Are we going to be seeing Squatch hanging out with The Machine in the luxury box at AT&T Park this season?

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