Drunk enough to slap a pig at the fair


There are a slew of names from the “Drunk People’s Olympics” that can follow a person around for the rest of their lives: The Drunk Guy From The Frat Who Skateboarded Down The Stairs; The Drunk Chick From The Club That Made Out With The Cab Driver; The Drunk Guy From the Christmas Party Who Puked On The Boss’ Shoes; the list goes on.

Here’s a new one: The Drunk Guy From The Fair Who Got Arrested For Slapping A Pig.

And no, I didn’t just make that up.

It’s one moniker that 22-year-old James Anthony Horn may to have a hard time shaking after his arrest at the Alameda County Fair last Tuesday. Besides being accused of public intoxication, Horn was allegedly witnessed roughing up a six-month-old Yorkshire pig.

This guy isn’t going to be able to order a side of bacon from here on out without getting made fun of.

The CoCo Times┬áreports witnesses saw a very drunk Horn slap the pig with both his hands and tug at the pig’s ears and tail. The Livermore resident reportedly admitted to deputies that he had touched the pig “but didn’t strike it.”

The animal’s owner, though, cleaned the pig and found hand marks on the pig’s backside.

Court records show Horn’s blood alcohol level was at .147 at the time of his arrest. That’s nearly twice the legal limit.

Horn has since been released from custody and ordered to stay away from the Alameda County Fair and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week. His follow-up court appearance is set for July 27.

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