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Hey, Marina kids! Pick up your darn trash!!

Okay, everyone knows what a trash bin looks like, right?

It’s that round receptacle that you throw your trash into. And if said receptacle happens to be green with arrows on it forming a triangle, any semi-intelligent individual knows that’s a recycle bin, right?

So what’s wrong with the party-goers in the Marina that left mountains of trash in the Great Meadow at Fort Mason after yesterday’s Fourth of July festivities?

I was appalled upon seeing photos on and of the state the meadow was left in: Mounds of beer boxes and Safeway bags next to a seemingly unnoticed black trash can, plastic bags blowing across the grass heading out towards Crissy Fields.

Members of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area told the site that the clean-up included “raw meat” and unopened food, as well as furniture and seemingly brand new barbeques.

Furniture, kids. Who leaves their furniture at a park?!

And this isn’t the first time that the Fort Mason Meadow has been left in such shambles.

The meadow was trashed earlier this year on – drumroll, please – Earth Day.

What kind of crazy people think its cool to trash a park on Earth Day?!

In an interview with KCET reporter Zach Behrens, National Park Service spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet referred to the recurring messy hoards as “Trash Mobs.” And I don’t know about any of you, but I would be downright embarrassed if I was in a group of people nicknamed for a bunch of garbage.

While park-goers tweeted jokes about the meadow being “Spring Break”-esque or frat-like, an angry Parks department is in talks about banning alcohol and changing park hours.

Note to Trash Mob members: I don’t care how drunk you are, there’s no excuse for not cleaning up after yourself.  Have a little self-respect, and respect for your city’s parks.

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