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Mad dad sought after slamming elderly woman

A dad didn’t appreciate it when an 82-year-old woman scolded his son at Stow Lake Friday, so he did what any “good” parent would do: He hit her.

The woman was walking near the lake when she spotted the little brat pestering geese and decided to reprimand him herself.

The father, perhaps feelings inadequate about his parenting skills, decided to make up for it by doing something even more irresponsible.

He struck the woman and she fell to the ground, according to Officer Gordon Shyy.

He must have realized that there was something wrong with his behavior and he helped the woman up and helped her husband walk her to their car.

She was bleeding from her head and had multiple other abrasions, Shyy said. Nevertheless, the elderly couple and the raging dad continued on their way without saying much else.

Later, the woman started feeling ill and checked herself in to St. Mary’s Hospital. Staff there discovered that she had a life-threatening head injury and called the police to report battery.

The unidentified woman is doing a little better, but remains in the intensive care unit with a critical head injury.

Police are currently trying to track down the nasty dad who hit her. Anyone with information is asked to call the anonymous tip line at 575-4444, or Text-A-Tip at TIP411 and include SFPD in the subject line of the text message.

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