Woman hit with milkshake loses $2,000


Sometimes being angry can make you impulsive and do things you regret – like lose $2,000.

A woman who was struck by a milkshake supposedly thrown from a car full of passing teenagers tossed her handbag at the vehicle.

It flew into the open window as the teens drove off with plenty of cash for more frozen dairy treats, Palo Alto police said Monday.

It all started June 24, just before midnight, when the woman was walking down University Avenue near Rudy’s Pub when a white Range Rover full of male teens approached her, Sgt. Brian Philip said.

The woman claims the wily kids were driving recklessly southbound on High Street when one chucked a vanilla milkshake at her as she reached the corner.

She denies throwing her snazzy alligator skin purse at the hoodlums, but police said there is no indication that it could have been swiped by the teens.

Police are trying to find the drive-by food fighters, but so far have no description.

If found, they could face charges including battery for striking the woman with the shake, or possession of stolen property, or misappropriation of property, Philip told Palo Alto Online.

And if you ask me, they should be charged with wasting a perfectly good milkshake. I mean, who does that?

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