Fast food fight leads to pot grow bust


You see the strangest things at fast food joints.

What started off as a chair fight between two men in Livermore took police on a weird and wild ride Sunday.

Police responded to an assault call at the Taco Bell on Stanley Boulevard, where they say 21-year-old Denzel Green, a friend of Jose Serrano, 20, struck another man, apparently unprovoked, with a chair across the upper torso.

When Green attempted to lift the chair again, he accidentally hit his friend Serrano, making him bleed heavily from the head.

Officer Steve Goard said the two fled the scene despite the fact that Serrano was in no condition to be moving around.

Police did not expect what they would see next, when they responded to a nearby apartment they believed the pair had dashed off to.

When they arrived to detain Green and locate the injured Serrano, not only did Serrano’s blood on the doorstep tip them off of their whereabouts, but three bedrooms full of pot plants tipped them off to the duo’s other alleged crimes.

Police said they also found firearms, methamphetamine and evidence of oxycodone and heroin use. The case is now being transferred to officers with narcotics experience.

The two suspects are accused not only of causing a scene, growing weed and possessing illegal substances in their apartment. They are also both alleged to have fraudulently obtained cannabis documents to mask their profit-motivated business.

Serrano was treated at Valley Care Hospital for the head injury before he was transferred to Santa Rita Jail. He and Green were booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim of the chair fight sustained only minor injuries.

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