FBI, cops sting child prostitution rings


FBI and law enforcement raids targeted child prostitution rings in the Bay Area last week, officials announced Monday.

Hayward police officials said that six girls under the age of 18 were discovered during the sting, which took place between Wednesday and Saturday.

Four rescued girls were from San Francisco, with one from Oakland and San Rafael respectively. Seven suspected pimps were arrested as well.

Police from Richmond and Oakland joined Hayward cops and the FBI in the effort to bring down prostitution rings targeting underage girls. The operation is part of a larger effort to curb such rings nationwide. Thus far, “Operation Cross County” has resulted in 79 saved girls and 104 arrests of suspected pimps in three days alone.

In Richmond, more then a dozen undercover and uniformed police officers swept through areas known for high levels of prostitution Friday night and made several arrests.

This includes Richmond’s 23rd Street corridor.

No child prostitutes were identified in the Richmond sweeps, but eight women were arrested on suspicion of prostitution, along with three alleged pimps.

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