Addict accused of trying to sell baby chooses prison


The same week a Danville woman pleaded no contest to leaving her twin infants in the car while she went shopping, another NoCal woman got a four-year prison sentence for violating probation after being accused trying to sell her daughter for $25.

During her sentencing, 22-year-old Salinas resident Samantha Tomasini asked the judge for prison time, telling the court she would just break probation again if given the opportunity.

Tomasini and her equally lovely boyfriend Patrick Fousek were originally arrested in June of 2010 after witnesses reported that they were offering their 8-month-old daughter for sale in a Wal-Mart parking lot for $25. The accusation was never proven.

Tomasini was then put in a live-in drug rehab program for methamphetamine addiction, but admitted to the court on Wednesday that she took up heroin while on probation.

Fousek was found guilty of felony child endangerment following his arrest, and is currently serving a six-year prison sentence. Prosecutors at his trial previously said he put his daughter at the risk by allowing Tomasini to breast-feeding their child while she was high on meth.

Presiding judge Pamela Butler, who handed down the prison sentence Wednesday, commended Tomasini for acknowledging that she would break probation again if given a second chance.

She and defense attorney Steve Liner agreed  that Tomasini was being unduly influenced by Fousek, and by choosing to serve prison time is “someone trying to do the right thing.”

Tomasini’s daughter with Fousek has since been adopted by another family.

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