Mugged 90-year-old gets helping hand


Big surprise, I’m in full support of having a bodyguard with you at all times.

Some enormous, inside linebacker type to walk around with me and beat the #@%$ out of anyone that tries anything.

My first choice of bodyguard just might be Oakland resident and former rugby player Robb Revelli, who helped a 90-year-old Central Valley woman catch the man who tried to mug her.

After witnessing the senior citizen get tackled outside an East Oakland AM/PM Monday morning, Revelli helped her to her feet and asked if she wanted to chase the guy down. He told NBC Bay Area:

“I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital or go chase this guy and she wanted to chase him. If she was down I was down to go get him and we did.”

So Revelli, his dog, and his new elderly sidekick chased the suspect down, then Revelli held him down for nearly 10 minutes before the police arrived.

The Trib reports this was just one of three robberies Monday morning in Oakland where citizens helped apprehend suspects. One suspect was a 16-year-old carrying a BB gun. All three have been detained and charged with robbery or attempted robbery.

While Oakland Police spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson wants to “remind people their individual safety is paramount,” Revelli told the Trib that he would do the same thing again:

“I’ve lived in Oakland my whole life. It goes with the territory. I don’t follow those rules of ‘don’t talk to police or don’t help.’ I know what police go through now.”

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