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Cain plays along with Letterman’s lame Top Ten

Matt Cain has been the toast of this town since he threw the first perfect game in the history of the Giants franchise.

On Monday, he became the toast of New York City for a few minutes, popping in on the Late Show with David Letterman to read the usually dull Top Ten list.

Cain’s appearance took place in an empty Angels Stadium before he started Monday night’s win over the Angels. Unlike Cain, Letterman was far from perfect in the interview.

First, he messed up a stat during his lead-in:

“It happened again, by God, second perfect game of the season, I think third no-hitter of the season, but second perfect game.”

Cain’s was indeed the second perfect game of the season, but it was the fifth no-hitter of the season, not the third.

After introducing Cain, Letterman asked a question that he and his audience found funny, but wasn’t really.

“During the perfect game, how was your yacker (referring to Cain’s curveball)?”

Cain played along. His response drew a few more laughs.

“It was good. It was breaking hard. I was able to back-door some good ones.”

After some banter with Cain, Letterman read stats off a card in his hand. Maybe he needs some new glasses.

“The Giants are 37-30, 2nd in the NFL West.”

Yep, Letterman said the Giants play in the NFL West. He’s literally reading this off the card in his hand. Maybe he thought he was talking to a member of the NFL champion New York Giants.

Anyway, here’s the list he made Cain read:

Ten Things I Want To Achieve Now That I’ve Thrown A Perfect Game:

10. Throw a Perfect Game with my other arm

9. Convert the  mound into an organic vegetable garden

8. Discover a cure for groin pulls

7. Open my dream salon

6. Catch a line drive with my mouth

5. Fix the economy – just kidding, that’s impossible

4. Pitch an inning without my pants

3. Appear on Jay Leno’s “Ten at Ten”

2. Throw a hole in one

1. Win the contest to replace Regis Philbin

Cain did his best to make the list funny, and he appeared to have fun. But like most of Letterman’s Top Ten lists, the one liners fell flat.

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