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Exploring the power of ‘gratitude’

Did you know that there is a “gratitude epidemic” currently taking hold?

Before reading Don Lattin’s SFGate article today, I had absolutely no idea.

But it’s true: Monks, poets, and the Average Joe have become enveloped in the idea that exercising gratitude has a strong connection to spiritual enlightenment. Scientists are even receiving grants to study in greater length the effects of feelings of gratitude on mental and physical health.

All of these divergent fields interested in the power of gratitude are converging this weekend in one spot as the Palace of Fine Arts hosts the “Pathway to Gratefulness” conference.

A Network Of Grateful Living — which has organized the event — is expecting hundreds of people to attend. Putting their mission statement in play, members of the Network will be present to:

“…awaken the practice of gratefulness within each of us as we explore through live conversation, music, and movement with luminaries from a variety of perspectives.”

Spiritual leaders, scientists and authors will be present at the function to lead discussions and answer questions about acclimating feelings of gratitude into one’s everyday life. There will also be musical performances and information on future workshops and  retreats.

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit “international outreach efforts” furthering the study of gratitude on spirituality and the human psyche.

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