Obviously Team SFBay- approved: Brewtruc


Not that this is going to come to any great shock to any of you out there in Readerville, but Team SFBay is a full-on supporter of the food truck wonderland that is San Francisco.

And how can you NOT be a fan when there’s a whole parking lot in SoMa devoted to delicious dishes sold out the window of a dilapidated RV?!

So, of course, our next company field trip might have to include a serious take-over of Brewtruc, the first mobile bar in the City By the Bay.

Are you feeling that pinch in your liver yet? You should be.

The beer-battered, Frankenstein-ian creation is the work of food truck vet Hugh Schick. Taking the base of his previous food truck—aptly called Le Truc—and transforming it into a mobile bar was no easy feat.

Schick tells in great detail how he gutted a 1997 school bus and used the lightest-weight materials possible to create his brew-hub-on wheels. The Brewtruc — which looks a little like the Delta parade float at the end of Animal House — makes its way around the “food truck circuit,” carrying up to 26 sight-seers and serving 93 gallons of booze.

But what might be more impressive is how this demonic-looking black bus is able to keep 12 operating taps on wheels while maintaining a working license.

Especially when considering that I just wrote an article the other day about residents in the Mission District fighting to keep restrictions in place on alcohol licenses.

As Schick tells Gizmodo:

“We cannot sell beer at all per se, but we can include it as a fringe benefit of taking a ride.”

Since the bus is licensed as a limo, in accordance with the Public Utilities Commission, Brewtruc is not in violation of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations.

All this ride is missing is a couple dozen SFBay stickers along its bumper.

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