Lusty Lady could use some help


So, there is this widely-recognized misconception that the movie “Pretty Woman” is unrealistic. Evidently, no stripper, streetwalker, or scantily-clad dancer could possibly have the brains or the heart that Julia Roberts’ character possessed.

Anyone with that opinion hasn’t heard of the exotic dancers cooperative that owns and runs San Francisco’s Lusty Lady.

The 30-plus year-old strip club is not only known for forming the first union for its exotic dancers, but is the only employee-owned adult entertainment joint in the nation. Yes, the only.

Topless dancers with smarts and business savvy. It’s a San Francisco late-night treat.

In this time of monetary difficulties, though, the Lusty and its ladies are seeking some extra help from the adult-entertainment-loving community.

Last month, a couple Lusties spoke to SFGate’s C.W. Nevius about the club’s financial woes, and how a poor economy and the rise of internet porn has hurt the club’s business.

The co-op board rejected a skimpy $25,000 buyout offer that was not only too low, but is still seeking investors and possibly even a buyer.  Though one veteran Lady called the buyout offer “insulting,” rejecting the bid still led some of the dancers to quit.

The Bay Guardian’s Caitlin Donahue reports on customer complaints that the staff wasn’t friendly enough, or that the private booths weren’t clean. Eww.

The Ladies are putting in the extra work to help boost the club’s income.  They’ve started up a radio show on 107.7 “The Bone” called Ask A Hot Chick, and are in the process of putting together a webcam show.

And for all those patrons that like to see those lucite heels in person, the Lusty is offering special lapdance parties on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

To find out how to help the ladies bump and grind their business out of a bust, check the club out at

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