Wait… bowling is foodie-friendly?


Not a fan of bowling alleys.

Dated a bowler for a hot minute. So over it, both the loser dude and the bowling thing.

Literally, if a guy suggests bowling as a “fun date night” option, I might pull a Hulk; turn green and start shredding my clothes on the spot.

But Mission Bowling Club might make me change my mind.

Not because it’ll make me want to bowl. Oh heck no.

But because they have this super-spiffy head chef there that’s making all sorts of fancy-shmancy dishes that are so not your typical bowling alley fare.

Seriously, MBC houses Anthony Myint, a resident of Food & Wine Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 list.

No joke.

One look at SF Examiner writer Jesse Hirsch’s article on some of the yummy options that Myint creates, and I was instantly salivating.

Sure, there are your corndogs, and the always-delectable Mission Burger. But fried chickpeas? Pork shoulder? Blackened sturgeon?
Doesn’t sound like the dining options at any bowling alley I’ve ever been to.

Hirsch critiques the high and low points of the foodie-friendly menu, noting its misses as well as its big hits, while also acknowledging that finding the balance between alley-accommodating foods and Myint’s ambitious cheffery is a challenge.

But with changes to the menu already underway — and plenty of word getting out about the food — Mission Bowling Club attract more attention from bowlers with more complex palates.

Heck, even I wouldn’t mind trying the food there. Just don’t ask me to throw on a pair of bowling shoes.

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