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Oakland Police reach out to find missing boy

11-year-old Jerry Walker, a resident of Greater New Beginnings group home on Filbert Street in Oakland, was last seen...

Smackdown on prison cellphones? Not so fast

The California Council on Science and Technology released a study showing flaws in the state's planned prison cellphone blocking...

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  1. I knew that prices were going to go up, it is just I was not ready for gas prices to increase. It seems like the gas price increase has just recently occurred to us. You know, soon enough even pay day advance services are not going to save us as prices are going to get tremendously high. To be honest, I cannot recall price to go lower any time in the nearest past. Up only and the salaries remain the same or even worse go down! What a shame

  2. Who is taking accountability for these mini outages etc. that increase the gas prices we all pay? Is anyone getting fired over these seemingly technical issues that with all the money involve can be solve? I guess these are my dumb questions knowing that when gas price goes up just a few pennies these big boys running these private companies make millions if not billions.