Startups to float onto the high seas


The craziest thing about this story isn’t that someone thought it was a good idea to build a huge boat to incubate startup companies. It’s that firms are clamoring to get onboard.

Blueseed, the startup trying to make the ship a reality, is currently in the conceptual phase. The enormous, cruise ship-like behemoth would be a floating island to house startup companies on open international waters just 30 minutes off the Northern California shoreline.

Founders optimistically say the ship should be ready to sail in the third quarter of 2013. So get your sea legs ready, landlubbers.

The ship would be strategically located 12 miles offshore in international waters, to attract international recruits without the messy overhead of U.S. immigration or visa restrictions.

A recent Blueseed survey found that 133 startups are making plans to come aboard, with 20 percent of those coming from the U.S. India follows behind with 10 percent and Australia makes up 6 percent.

About one-third of the startups queried said that they would be ready to move in right now if the ship was already sailing. Most others would be ready to cruise in six months.

Blueseed said its proximity to Silicon Valley and the technology-driven spaces are drawing these startup founders to the open ocean.

No matter which route you take, bringing your startup to life and waking up to fresh ocean air every morning may sink your financial ship. Accommodations are $1,600 a month for office and living space. And that’s if you’re willing to share.

Rooms range from $1,200 for a small, shared space to $3,000 for a totally sweet room all to yourself.

When the ship sets sail, ferries will shuttle participants to and from Silicon Valley daily. Blueseed said it will assist international entrepreneurs with travel.

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