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Wiggle to the office on Bike to Work Day

Leave it to San Francisco’s most famous bike route to inspire an under-two-minute jingle that sounds like a tune from a ad.

The Real Numbers, a city-based band full of avid cyclists, created the bubbly tune aptly titled “Do The Wiggle!” in honor of Bike to Work Month, starting May 1.

The Wiggle—and there really are signs in the city that can point you in direction of The Wiggle—refers to a route that SF bikers can take to wiggle around the biggest hills between Market Street and the Outer Haight and Sunset.

The song’s mix of kitsch and scenic scenery makes it the ultimate get-stuck-in-your-head public service announcement.

And with the a PSA that you can’t get out of your head, how can you resist NOT riding The Wiggle on Bike to Work Day this Thursday.

For more information on Bike to Work Day like volunteering and Commuter Convoys, visit

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