Lambo suspect may be mastermind ninja


SFBay reported earlier this week about the recovery of celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini.  The car and the crime have been linked to an area teen named Max Wade.

But now, the story has taken a stunning turn as police have released information about what they found when they raided the teen’s storage locker.

In addition to the stolen car, they found a .357 revolver, possibly used in a shooting, a motorcycle, and a number of other items that make Wade look much more like a calculating criminal more than a scrappy juvenile delinquent.

Also included in the cache was a police uniform, automatic weapons, and some advanced electronic transmitting devices and bugs.  The evidence suggests that Wade may have been involved in a number of other crimes, including a series of bank robberies in Northern California.

Marin Sheriff Sgt. Mark Hale told the Chron:

“We’re definitely looking into the possibility of other crimes.  At this time we don’t have anything confirmed.  There were some [suspicious] items inside the container.  We’re looking at the reason why he had the items, the source of how he acquired those items, and the motive behind having [them].”

And considering how Wade allegedly rappelled down from the roof of a car dealership building and into an open window to steal the Lambo, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that Wade would be capable of other high-skill crimes.

Wade is already facing charges for attempted murder related to a recent drive-by shooting on a motorcycle, as well as charges for burglary and other related crimes.  Given that he’s being tried as an adult and that his bail is set at $2 million, Wade is looking at a very stressful future.

Think what you will about him, but this teen certainly blows a hole in the narrative that today’s youth are lazy.  Although his choices may have been severely misguided, he took a lot of initiative as a criminal, and certainly has a lot of gall. Maybe when he gets out he’ll go after a college degree, or a career in private security – unless he manages to break out of jail, of course.

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