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Cal students get much-needed puppy love

Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation is out to prove that a little puppy love can go a long...

Mission District vandalized by protesters

Monday night a group of protesters ransacked parts of the Mission District, including the police station.

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    • This story was reported through our a direct SFBay interview with the Sikh Coalition’s Amardeep Singh.

      Your bot tool is interesting, but is incapable of determining whether original reporting was conducted on a story.

      I commend NPR for publishing first. But we’re just as capable of original reporting as they are, and that’s what you see here.

    • Dear ReidUh – I don’t know what this is about
      but I spent an entire working day on this story and interview. With all due respect I find the implication insulting and entirely contrary to what Sfbay. ca is.


  1. Well, it’s sad the TSA can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim. I guess to them a turban is a turban is a turban.

    The random screening employed by the TSA inconveniences everyone, catches no-one, and is totally reactionary. Can’t carry box-cutters now because they were used on 9/11. Can’t take gels or liquids because of the botched body-bomb attempt. Have to take your shoes off thanks to the shoe bomb incident. All reactionary, nothing pro-active.

    There’s a reason El Al, the flagship airline for Israel and one of the sweetest targets any terrorist could ever hope to hit, hasn’t had a hijacking in over 30 years – they profile.

    Call me politically incorrect, racist, or just insensitive, but if I were sitting on a plane next to a Pakistani National with the last name Al-Mohammed I would hope he would have gone through a little more stringent screening than I did.

    Wouldn’t you?

    • No I wouldn’t. I am South Asian and am tired of people casting suspicion on me because of my name and looks. What if your daughter were to date Al-Mohammed? What kind of screening would you attempt then? Ask the FBI or the police to look into the individual’s background simply because of his name? What if you were riding a bus with Al-Mohammed as the driver? Would you seek out a different bus? Where does your fear end? Until you conquer your fear, I guess I will call you racist and insensitive.