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Guy Fieri’s stolen Lambo found

NorCal native and Food Network star Guy Fieri is most iconically recognized by his wild, bleach-blond spikes as he pulls up to his favorite spots in a cherry red 1967 Chevy Camaro.

The Camaro is still intact, but Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini was stolen from a San Francisco car dealership last March. It was missing until Saturday, when police discovered the 2008 Gallardo in a storage unit being investigated after a Mill Valley shooting.

Police said a thief climbed shimmied down from the roof and climbed through an open window last year at British Motor Car Distributors on Van Ness Avenue to pilfer the $200,000 exotic Italian sports car.

Video evidence from the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of Tiburon showed the car had been driven over the bridge after the theft.

Police recovered the car Saturday while searching a storage unit in Point Richmond. The unit belonged to a San Rafael 17-year-old who was arrested on suspicion of shooting into an occupied car in Mill Valley earlier this month, according to the sheriff’s office.

The gunplay allegedly occurred at 11:30 a.m. on April 13 when a man on a black motorcycle opened fire on a white pickup truck. Nobody was hit, though flying glass caused minor injuries to the people in the pickup.

The teen suspect was found to be in possession of a handgun Saturday. Police also found a motorcycle in addition to Fieri’s Lamborghini in the unit.

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