Grab your slice of Nutella cash


Two SoCal moms recently won a monster settlement in a class action lawsuit against the makers of Nutella, Ferrero USA, for falsely insinuating in its TV commercials that the gooey hazelnut spread was somehow healthy.

One of the moms, Laura Rude-Barbato, said she bought Nutella under the impression that it was about as good for her kids as peanut butter. As part of her suit, she wanted Ferrero to admit that Nutella is actually no healthier than a candy bar.

The settlement against Ferrero earlier this year was more than $3 million. And you can get a piece.

Anyone in California who purchased a jar of the insanely delicious spread between Aug. 1, 2009 and Jan. 23, 2012 can file a claim. The settlement will reimburse you for up to five jars at $4 a jar.

It’s super easy to claim your $20 share. They don’t ask for proof of purchase. And it can be done online.

The commercials that prompted the lawsuit show a mom who tricks her kids into wolfing down a piece of whole wheat toast by slathering it with Nutella. They say it’s made with natural ingredients like hazelnut, milk and cocoa. That doesn’t really sound like peanut butter to me.

And I’ve never, ever had the impression that Nutella is actually good for me.

Whatever. I buy it regularly anyhow because I like it. That stuff is the bomb on sourdough!

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