Squatters to real estate agent: Go away


UPDATE 2:11 a.m. A judge lifted the restraining order against Melissa Case on Wednesday. Outside the courtroom, KTVU’s Eric Rasmussen confronted two apparent occupants of the house, who claimed to be victims of a Craigslist scam.

Selling a house can be difficult business, especially if you’re not even allowed within 50 feet of it.

Real estate agent Melissa Case is being taken to court by squatters who took over a home in Antioch that she was trying to sell.

The home’s owner lives in Berkeley and was trying to complete a short sale. When Case went to check on the home, the squatters were already living there.

Case said there have been as many as three people living in the home since December without the owner’s permission.

The squatters received a temporary restraining order against Case that does not allow her to be within 50 feet of the property.

Case told KTVU the property owner never gave permission to these mystery tenants and their impromptu move-in:

“(The squatters) never ever paid my client. Actually, the police came out and verified that their rental agreement is false and filled with misspellings.”

In addition to terrible grammer grammar, the squatters are proving to be exceedingly stubborn. Not a good look for people.

They responded to an email from Case claiming they have “established residency” and requested to be left alone unless the proper eviction process was carried out.

Neighbors like Dale Visness suggested a different course of action:

“Break the door down. Break it down, pull them out of there, arrest them and haul them off.”

Police cannot take action because it is a civil matter, Case said.

Antioch is said to have a growing squatter problem. Earlier this week, a group of squatters who sent a pit bull after a KTVU cameraperson were finally evicted.

Case is working with a potential buyer and will be back in court to fight the restraining order next week.

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