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The Beard headed down recovery road

Oh, the B-to-the-Weez. The Beard that is Weird.

For some of us, it possibly hasn’t sunk in yet that we won’t hear House of Pain’s “Jump Around” blare over the ballpark speakers as Wilson marches his neon orange cleats out to the mound for one of his epic saves.

But you’ll have to get used to it, since Wilson already underwent surgery on Thursday.

Giants trainer Dave Groeschner told the Associated Press Thursday that Wilson was “all done” with a “successful” Tommy John surgery that he underwent in Pensacola, Florida.

Wilson’s elbow woes stretch all the way back to the early 2000s when he had a first Tommy John surgery while pitching at LSU. He again suffered from elbow issues during the 2011 season when problems with the flexor tendon in his pitching arm kept him on the bench for three months.

Orthopedist to the stars Dr. James Andrews performed both surgeries on the Giants closer.

Now for some good news: Giants fans can start counting down that 12-18 month recovery period until Black Beard can start gaming again.

And don’t expect Wilson to dip out of the spotlight while he’s rehabbing. We might even get to hear him calling the play-by-play with Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. He warned the announcing duo in a CSN interview that he would be up in the booth with them, “and will probably win an Emmy.”

Hats off to you, Brian Wilson. Hope you’re recovery is extra speedy and successful.

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