App building for dummies


Not all of us are tech wizards. In fact, some one of us — not naming any names — have trouble changing formatting settings in Word.

Apple, of course, gets that. Instead of leaving us tech-illiterates to sulk in the corner of the digital revolution, they’ve introduced a way to bring us onto playground and include us in the fun. It’s app building for dummies.

The patent they’ve applied for, called “Content Configuration for Device Platforms,” describes a tool that would allow people without any programming experience to create apps for the iOS system.

According to AppleInsider, the patented software will use an interface similar to the way WordPress is used to create a blog. You enter your written content, press some simple buttons and add a couple of numbers and words, and you can post advanced content online.

Apple hopes that the new tool will help apps cross over to iPads and iPhones as well.

With this new technology, maybe somebody will create an app that’ll explain why computers hate me.

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