Stop me if you’ve heard this one before


It might sound like a joke to San Francisco residents familiar with taking Muni during their morning commute, but the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency says it is working to make slow transit and grueling wait times a thing of the past.

The transit agency is conducting 10 public workshops centered around making residents’ Muni commutes faster and easier and proposing revisions to certain lines.

The SFMTA is currently looking to improve the following lines, which it considers its “rapid” lines: the 28-19th Avenue, the N-Judah, the 30-Stockton, the 8X-Bayshore Express, the J-Church, the 14-Mission, the 5-Fulton and the 22-Fillmore.

New plans for these lines include street changes, transit-only lanes, removing stop signs and increasing stop spacing.

Stop spacing is a popular option for commuters and the SFMTA alike. About 61 percent of riders surveyed in 2010 said they would consider walking longer distances if it made their Muni ride faster.

The success of the 28-Limited line sent a clear message to the agency.

However, around 70 percent of stops are still closer together than guidelines set up by the SFMTA. No wonder we can’t make it to work on time!

Two workshops have already taken place last weekend to discuss the 8x and 30 lines. Another two took place last night, which focused on the J-Church and 14.

Another meeting, examining the 22 and 14, will take place tonight, with the final meeting taking place May 5.

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