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Giants wanted Stow at home opener

The Giants have always been first-class when it comes to honoring important players and people associated with the organization.

Bryan Stow will forever be linked with the Giants, which is why they extended an invitation to Stow and his family to make an appearance at the home opener Friday against Pittsburgh.

Talk about an emotional scene. A Giants fan beaten into a coma one year ago at Dodger Stadium coming out onto the field to greet 42,000 Giants fans. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the building.

Unfortunately, Stow won’t be able to accept the Giants’ invitation. Stow’s family loved the idea, but they have concerns about the toll the trip would take on Bryan.¬†Bryan’s mother, Ann Stow told Mercury News Columnist Mark Purdy:

“We’re concerned it might tire him out too much and set back his recovery.”

The Stow family isn’t ruling out the possibility of Stow attending a game later in the season.

Stow is currently living in a facility in the Central Valley, where he is working to regain his mobility and conversational skills. Purdy notes that the cerebral damage suffered by Stow is so severe that he may never fully regain those skills.

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