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Golden eagle soars back into the wild

After seven months of tender loving care, a young golden eagle was released back into the wild in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in San Ramon.

The eagle had been brought to Lindsay Wildlife Museum‘s hospital back in October with a fractured wing. After placing several pins in the large bird’s broken wing bones, the veterinarians were able to stabilize the bird and let the healing process begin.

They estimated the eagle to be male between the ages of three or four years old.

After weeks of rehabilitation the eagle was moved to an outdoor aviary so it could start to stretch his wings a bit. Following several months of physical therapy the eagle gained back most of his original strength and hospital staff decided he should be released back into his natural habitat.

On March 29, the day of the eagle’s release, Jen Joynt, from Bay Nature Institute, joined a small crowd gathered to see the eagle up close and personal. The hospital decided to launch him back into the wild near the original location where he was found injured back in October.

Trish Orlowski of Lindsay Wildlife Museum held the golden eagle with a falconry hood on while veterinarians examined and measured the bird. Then, in a grand send-off, Orlowski carried the eagle to the top of a hillside so the crowd could see him spread his impressive wings and take flight again in the wild.

After hanging out in the trees for a while to gather his bearings, the golden eagle set off soaring through the skies. Within minutes he was welcomed back into the neighborhood by a red-tailed hawk repeatedly flying at him.

You can see the video of his release here.

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