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Barreling downhill on a Big Wheel

Big-ass Big Wheel gallery: Twisty San Francisco hill + gravity + Big Wheels.

It’s every parent’s nightmare, and every kid’s fantasy. And once a year, San Francisco plays host to an annual tradition of inertia-driven, downhill mayhem.

Hundreds of people filled famously-crooked Vermont Street along McKinley Square to witness this year’s Bring Your Own Big Wheel race in Potrero Hill.

Originally started in 2000 by Jon Brumit, the race has become a cultural phenomenon among Bay Area devotees.

Moving from sidewinding Lombard Street to less famous but equally twisted Vermont Street, Bay Area residents arrived in full costume to participate in this two-hour long event on a sunny Easter Sunday.

BYOBW12 was free to view and participate, but the “no trace left behind” event cost nearly $4,000 according to on-site volunteers collecting donations. Fees went to security, permits and portable restrooms.

Traditionally, the race has takes place on Easter Sunday, rain or shine.

Big-ass Big Wheel gallery

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