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The Golden Gate Bridge in your living room

If you’re tired of merely staring at photos or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, you can now outfit your house with pieces of the enormous steel mass.

The Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company was created so regular people like you and me could own a chunk of an iconic bridge — in the form of a desk lamp, of course.

To celebrate the bright orange bridge’s 75th anniversary this year, SF artist Richard Bulan designed furniture using scraps from the actual bridge.

If you’re wondering how Bulan got his hands on actual pieces of the bridge, don’t worry, they weren’t pilfered in the dark of the night. In 1993, the iconic bridge’s 1930s-era handrail had to be replaced. Contractors sold scrap pieces to Bulan, who already had a vision in place to turn them into furniture.

The furniture ranges from an end table handcrafted from locally-sourced, urban-salvaged Claro Walnut to a task lamp inspired by the bridge’s street lamps. Bulan even offers up a truly one-of-a-kind headboard.

Each limited-edition piece is given a fresh coat of orange paint but retains its own unique wear and tear features due to the harsh wind and salt air endured over the years.

If you are interested in owning a piece of the bridge, this may be your time to grab it. Considering it took over 60 years for these pieces of the bridge’s steel to be replaced, it’s doubtful that much more will become available soon.

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