Google+ hangs out underwater


When you put Google+ up against Facebook — or even Myspace circa 2005 — Google+ has had relatively little success attracting regular users.

Facebook’s monthly users number in the hundreds of millions, while Google+ still sits in the low millions.

But Google+ has capabilities that Facebook does not, which became apparent this week as the social network hosted its first ever underwater hangout.

It happened on the Australian show, “Caitlin Seaview Survey,” with the show’s hosts connecting with a diver by the Great Barrier Reef reporting on the fish population.

Seven journalists from around the world joined the hosts to ask questions of the diver.

The show made it possible with a camera, a microphone, and powerful WiFi connection all the way down there on the reef.

Think about that for a minute: Not that long ago, the impressive thing about this would’ve been the fact that we could even see the diver underwater. Now we’re actually having a conversation with him, Darth Vader voice and all, while he’s down there.

Makes us wonder, what’s next? In any case, Google+ is trying to show that it’s on the cutting edge and not about to give up. Until Facebook — or someone else — can match or beat hangouts, point Google.

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