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Dance production tells LGBT story

The best stories are the ones that move us. What better way to do that than with love, passion, history and dance?

Award-winning choreographer Sean Dorsey is telling that kind of story with his newest production, “The Secret History of Love.” It’s an epic work that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of LGBT relationships throughout history, filled with the stories of trailblazing lovers who made today’s openly gay culture possible.

Dorsey says his work is about preserving history and celebrating the legacy of the community, which is often deleted from mainstream accounts of history:

“There is an urgency to this work. … People will see in this show that these stories are so incredibly alive and relevant, and I hope they will be inspired to seek out more stories.”

The Chron called the show a “testament to the victorious nature of love and passion in the face of danger and repression.”

Dorsey shared with the Chron what he feels the piece is about:

“This show is about human connection and the phenomenal power of love. Despite all the repression and violence, there is so much humor and sauciness and sexiness in all of this. That’s how we survived!”

After the show premieres in The City, it will go on tour to visit Boston, Chicago, Santa Monica, Philadelphia and Miami. While on tour, the group will engage local communities with workshops and panels.

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