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Photography in Mexico comes to SF

SFMOMA's exhibition of Photography in Mexico includes some images you might expect to see, and some you wouldn't.

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  1. The dog was a police officer. Ibarra should not have been allowed to keep him after he was fired. Sad but true: Lots of police officers abuse their dogs by kicking and hanging them.

  2. Despite the comment by Sgt. Sanders, it has been my experience (and further supported by research) that K9’s are often severely abused (and neglected). At the department where I worked, the K9’s are often hanged to unconsciousness, helicoptered, slammed to the ground, and kicked in the stomach and gonads. Their nickname for the K9 unit is “The Hang ‘Em High” Club. When I first started there, the handlers often bragged about hanging their dogs, and the lynching that I witnessed was done for personal power and amusement. This is going on all over the U.S. and the world, and is standard procedure behind the scenes in what they call “training.” Many K9’s have also perished of heat prostration in the vehicles driven by their handlers. So, in spite of the lip service they give to how much they appreciate their K9 “partners,” many handlers do not appear to really care, based on their mistreatment and neglect . More information can be found at Stoplynching.com