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JFK Drive becomes bike-friendlier

Progress is starting to show on The City’s first parking protected bikeway, a sign that cyclists and drivers can coexist peacefully together — and even help protect one another.

Under the re-design, cyclists ride in the street along the curb, with a buffer of parked cars separating them from vehicle traffic.

Instead of dodging moving vehicles, cyclists will have to watch for passengers exiting from their cars along Golden Gate Park’s JFK Drive.

Where parking is prohibited, an empty buffer zone up to six feet wide will separate cyclists from the vehicle lane.

For the past few weeks, crews have adjusted storm drains, added curb ramps, removed road stripes and placed preliminary road marking for the re-design. These preliminary markings include “mixing zone” intersections, where right-turning drivers will enter the bike lane and yield to approaching bicyclists.

The project, which was initially to be completed in December 2010, is expected to debut next month.

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