Buster busts one outta the park


So normally, nobody counts home run hits during Spring Training.

Anyone that’s been to Arizona this time of year knows why: The vibe is so kick-back, you’re almost too relaxed to keep score.

Except for when you’re SFBay’s favorite Opie-faced catcher who was out the bulk of last season with a nasty broken leg.

Everything counts right now for 2010 Rookie of the Year Buster Posey. Including the bomb to right—also his first hit in exhibition play—that he hit Wednesday as the Giants tied with the Cleveland Indians 2-2.

Let’s add that Buster hasn’t put bat on ball in about 10 months. He hasn’t had a homer since April 24, 2011, and hasn’t had a hit since May 25 when that home plate collision ended his season.

Now of course, being the super-serious fellow that Buster is always trying to be, he tried to say that the homer was “just another step on the journey to Opening Day.” But Bruce Bochy set the record straight:

“I can tell you, he’s glad to get that hit. It’s been a while since he’s had one.”

Posey was the designated hitter Wednesday in a tied game that was called after 10 innings. He grounded and popped out in his first two at-bats before coming up to the plate in the 6th and launching the ball over the right field wall.

Posey will rest Thursday and then catch for a couple innings Friday against the Chicago Cubs at Hohokam Park in Mesa.

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