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SF’s official block party starts this weekend

It’s gorgeous outside in San Francisco right now. Gorgeous.

With any luck, it will be this Sunday too when the Embarcadero shuns motorized vehicles in favor of pedestrians and people-powered transportation for the kick-off of the biggest Sunday Streets season to date.

This year, there’ll be more temporary street closures on select Sundays, more free scheduled activities at each event, and more SF neighborhoods taking part.

It’s all aimed at getting you and your neighbors (and your extended neighbors) outside, on foot, actually getting to know each other. Oh, and realizing the benefits of biking, walking, recreation, and community-building while having fun.

Head to the waterfront Sunday at 11 for live music, a rock climbing wall, a Segway obstacle course, an inflatable obstacle course, kite lessons, a basketball toss, free roller skate rentals, free bike rentals and tune-ups, educational programs, walking tours, and tons of other car-free, broke-friendly activities.

Organizers are hooking up volunteers with some pretty sweet perks like t-shirts, lunch, warm fuzzy feelings, etc. If you’d like to get involved in your neighborhood (or someone else’s) you’re encouraged to apply.

Mayor Ed Lee is on board:

“Sunday Streets not only showcases San Francisco’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, it is a proven cost-effective way to better health for San Franciscans. We look forward to returning to Chinatown, doing a more frequent Mission route, and adding a new route in the Southwest neighborhoods.”

San Francisco was the third city in the U.S. to premier the event back in 2008 with two scheduled events, and has since become the nation’s largest with 10. And being San Franciscans, our brand of City Streets has often been a wild and wacky one, with lots of street performances, crazy custom pedal-powered rigs, and costumes.

In other words, pretty much a typical Sunday in San Francisco.

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