Somebody throw Wonder Dog a bone


It’s all sad puppy eyes and droopy tails as we blow a slobbery wet kiss “goodbye” to Wonder Dog Rescue’s Fillmore Street office.

When the doggie adoption center opened two years ago, it was the first location of its kind in The City run by a small rescue group. The headquarters at 650 Fillmore has been where hundreds of humans first locked eyes with the rescue pup of their dreams.

But now, reduced donations and adoptions as well as high rent costs means the Wonder Dog storefront must bid farewell. At least for now.

Wonder Dog Founder Linda Beenau told HuffPo:

“The rent on the office got more and more expensive over time, and it wasn’t getting us any additional money. People step up for individual issues… but general appeals haven’t been doing as well.”

The scrappy volunteer group is loyal to their cause, though, and to the dogs that they’ve rescued during the past two decades. The Wonder Dog staff plans to focus on mobile adoptions, where the pups are introduced to prospective parents at homes, parks or other public spaces.

On their website, Beenau reflected on the organization’s storefront pursuit, and called the overall experience a beautiful one:

“I think that the greatest testament is the number of people who come in to volunteer and simply be with the dogs. The dogs have been so much calmer, happier…and they adjust so much more quickly to change.”

Over the next couple weeks, Wonder Dog must do what many closing offices must do — clear its inventory. A few dogs need homes, so if you’ve been itchin’ to add to your family, foster an animal or make a donation, please email or submit a volunteer application.

Yard sales will be held at the store on March 10 and 11 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Proceeds from the events will go towards future rescues.

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