SF boxer wins national title


Boxer Raquel Miller — write it down. It’s a name that you need to know and remember, especially if she makes it to this year’s Olympic Games in London.

But even if she doesn’t get to contend for the gold, her story so far deserves praise all by itself.

The 27-year-old San Franciscan is nothing if not determined. After boxing seriously just two years ago, she rocketed onto the national stage when she competed last month in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. A first-place finish in that event would have automatically qualified her for the Summer Games, but unfortunately, Miller ended up with the bronze.

But instead of dropping her campaign there, this kick-ass individual found another way in. She dropped 13 pounds to lower her weight class for competition in the U.S.A. Boxing National Championships this weekend in Fort Carson, Colorado.

With an improbable win there, she qualified for the World Championships with Team U.S.A. But even with that win, she’s still not a sure thing. There are a number of scenarios under which she could fail to qualify for the games.

By the way she talks, though, you’d think she were already in London:

“I feel great! Like a champ! The world will remember me, and I am an Olympian.”

She directed a few words of wisdom at anyone following what looks like an impossible dream:

“I hope everyone learns from my story to keep pushing for their dreams despite the challenges. If you believe in yourself and ask God to guide you, everything will fall into place.”

And if things keep going as well as they have, you’ll be watching Raquel Miller take home the gold medal in just a few months’ time.


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