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Go from zero to Jedi hero

It’s not every day you get to hone your quasi-mystical skills using energy weapons far more advanced than those yet harnessed by man.

It’s actually every other Sunday at noon.

A group of dedicated light-saber padawan known as the Golden Gate Knights have come together to teach one other the art and skill once reserved for the likes of Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and yes, even bad man Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader.

The serious saber choreography takes place at Studio Gracia in SoMa, but not before a routine of stretching and warm-ups. Only then are you prepared to unleash the power of co-founder Novastar’s stage choreography system.

Moves start as basic routines that can be linked together with spins, figure-eights and fancy flourishes to create film- or theater-quality sequences.

Classes run three hours and cost between $10 and $15, with 30 days of free light saber use provided for new recruits.

After that, while licensed Star Wars™ light sabers start around $100, force-imbued heavy-duty models suitable for contact dueling will set you back about $250.

With the proper tools, training, and mental approach, your skills after a couple of months could be enough to earn you a spot at the Je’daii Academy on Tython. Or, at least be able to act out cool, whirling fight sequences with a lighted plastic sword.

Co-founder Alain Bloch told SFBay that careful precautions are taken against injury and so far, after more than a year, nobody’s gotten hurt doing this.

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