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Prison for toilet tank top assailant

A young San Rafael woman cried wildly and begged for mercy in court yesterday as Judge Kelly Simmons sentenced her to five years in state prison for beating a young man with a heavy porcelain toilet tank lid as he lay in her bed.

“No, please, please!” wailed Alexandra Todd, 21, of San Rafael. “Please, you’re breaking my heart.”

On October 27th of last year, Todd invited the victim back to her Gerstle Park apartment after a poker game. After some playful tussling, they headed into the bedroom.

A short time later, Todd went into the bathroom and emerged with the lid to her toilet tank. She struck the man in the back of the head — and then his face — knocking out several teeth.

Todd’s lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Pedro Oliveros, said Todd felt threatened by rough foreplay and feared she was going to be sexually assaulted. He also said Todd suffered from mental illness.

“You could have killed him,” said Judge Simmons, who noted that Todd had been convicted of two other crimes just months before the assault occurred: A vandalism case in which she smashed the window of a San Rafael tattoo parlor, and another case in which she fought two police officers while she was drunk.

The victim, a 26-year-old Mill Valley man, spoke at the sentencing. He said he continues to suffer from headaches, confusion, dizziness and other symptoms related to the attack. He said the medical bills for his face alone have amounted to $13,000.

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