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Google grows and grows

It could be right out of a science fiction film. A massive research and tech corporation, loaded up with the latest gadgets and laboratories and post-grad tech geeks. Armed with an almost unhealthy obsession with technological advancement, it leads us into a brave new world of connecting technology more and more intimately with the human psyche.

In real life, that company is Google. What began as a tiny grad-school project has now become so salient in our culture that it has a generally accepted verb. Go google it if you don’t believe.

They don’t appear to be slowing down, either. Google is now poised to move into the realm of actual physical products, with their acquisition of mobile-device maker Motorola currently navigating the regulatory framework.

Another one of their latest ideas — or at least, one that has become public — is a product Google is calling “@home.” The goal of this project is to bring consumers a way for them to wirelessly stream data and music to other household devices.

Even Google’s physical spaces for doing business are seeing upgrades and expansions. The Merc reports the company is adding cryptically-named new labs for new products, as well as a sophisticated demonstration area called the “Google Experience Center” to showcase products to potential corporate customers and VIPs.

Considering how much data Google has stored about each one of us — probably far more than we think — the only thing separating this company from a sci-fi story are a malevolent plot that has to be stopped and somebody to direct the movie.

Michael Bay, are you interested?

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