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Dolores Park redo now in 3D

Fancy, 3D renderings of the new Dolores Park have been unanimously approved by the SF Arts Commission, meaning the long-planned park redesign is closer than ever to reality.

The final renderings of the renovation got the nod after more than a dozen workshops and steering meetings. The bike polo court, dual fenced dog runs, and even a hotly-contested pissoir are all included in the final plans.

The approval lays a course for construction to begin on this course of the project in October. Right now, workers are in full effect on the children’s playground, which supporters expect to be completed in time for a dedication this Spring.

The project is considered a “rehabilitation” rather than a renovation because of Dolores Park’s eligibility as a historical landmark. Emphasis is being placed on handling the huge increases in visitors over the last decade, including ADA-approved ramps and walkways, and permanent and portable restrooms capable of handling up to 10,000 daily park visitors.

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