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Bay Area sperm donor story gets even stranger

One-man sperm-making machine Trent Arsenault of Fremont has become the biggest national media sensation to emerge from the Bay Area this year.

He’s been all over the boob tube, appearing on “20/20,” “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Good Morning America,” “Today” and “Nightline,” to name a few.

We feel that we have gotten to know Arsenault more intimately since he’s entered the limelight, and surprise, surprise: We think he is one weird dude.

Arsenault started making major headlines last month when the FDA said he’d have to “cease manufacture” or face a $100k fine — or even up to a year in prison — if he keeps giving away his spunk. According to the FDA, Arsenault provided a total of 328 semen samples to 46 women since 2006.

Then yesterday, Arsenault went on Anderson Cooper 360 and told Cooper and the gasping studio audience that he’s a 36-year-old virgin.

The work-from-home HP engineer told Cooper he identifies as a “donorsexual,” a term he coined to describe his only form of sexual expression. Donorsexuality apparently includes masturbating into plastic receptacles and publicly posting videos of it on the Internet.

Many of Arsenault’s videos appear to have been self-recorded in public places. And they’ve gone viral on mainstream porn sites.

Some are basically short clips of Arsenault pleasuring himself into a plastic container, while others seem completely unrelated to being a sperm donor, like the aptly-titled “Farm hand removes his underwear” or “Swimmer strips in airplane lavatory.”

“Some people would call them porn videos,” Arsenault says. “I call it documenting the process of being a donorsexual.”

Arsenault has already fathered 14 Bay Area children, and has four more on the way. But he’s ruled out a relationship or even sex with a woman, out of dedication to his craft:

“I know it sounds strange, but I’ve decided I’d rather be a servant to others rather than be served.”

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