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Valencia swing suffers razor-blade buzzkill

At least one of the delightful urban swings that sprouted from trees in the Lower Haight and Mission was severed last week by a blade-toting party pooper.

The swing had appeared a few weeks ago on Valencia between 18th and 19th. Since then, hipsters and fun-lovers of all ages had been, well, swinging, which was unacceptable for at least one person, who took matters into her own hands and cut the swing down.

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Mission Mission reports that the woman who cut down the swing was confronted by at least one upset witness, and that the woman called 911 because she felt she was being harassed while walking around with the severed swing under her arm.

If you take seriously the commenters at Mission Mission, we could be on the cusp of a fun/no-fun war in The City’s sunniest neighborhood. If so, this could be one battle where both sides come out swinging.

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