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Lincecum set for record payday

A monsoon of money is about to rain down on Big Time Timmy Jim.

The ace of the Giants staff and the Giants sent their offers to the arbitrator on Tuesday, putting Lincecum in position to set a new arbitration record.

Lincecum and his agent are asking for $21.5 million, while the Giants submitted an offer of $17 million. The two-time Cy Young winner will receive one of those numbers as his 2012 salary.

Ya, my level of jealousy towards Timmy just rose a little bit, too.

In case you were wondering what the highest amount awarded in an arbitration case, it was $18.25 million awarded to “Mr. November” Derek Jeter in 2001.

Based on the numbers Lincecum and the Giants have filed, it’s a safe bet that Jeter’s record will fall in the next few weeks.

Of course, this could all mean nothing if the two sides work out a long-term deal. But that’s unlikely.

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