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Facebook has been tagged in a photo

Facebook was reunited last week with their creative muse, graffiti artist David Choe, who spent time tagging up their new Menlo Park headquarters.

Choe, a celebrated graffiti artist known for his urban street art and raw graphics, is no stranger to Facebook’s offices. In Facebook’s toddler years, Choe was called in by entrepreneur Sean Parker to tag up their original headquarters to spark a little creativity. God knows they couldn’t just have plain ‘ole gray cubicle walls.

Legend even says the original artwork he painted in 2005 at the company’s digs was highly sexual at the request of Parker, but Facebook seemed to wipe that from their history books. Don’t worry though, CEO Mark Zuckerberg requested something a little more toned down for their office’s graphic makeover in 2007.

When Facebook outgrew its office and moved again this past year, they knew who to call to create some inspiration for their crew. So last week Choe spent time christening the new Facebook offices in Menlo Park with his infamous ‘dirty style,’ which has been featured on prominent buildings and even in movies like “Juno” and “The Glass House.”

Choe’s friends Rob Sato and Joe To also recreated his impressive Facebook graffiti that was featured in the movie “The Social Network.”

Choe didn’t waste any time making over the offices with his big vision filling the walls with unique-looking creatures, vivid colors, and even throwing a little paint on Zuckerberg’s laptop.

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