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A look forward for Luck

Alright, sports fans, I’m over all the puns.

No more “un-Lucky Fiesta Bowl” or “’Stanford out of ‘Luck’ in bowl game.”

So the now-former Cardinals QB lost in his last college game, despite passing for over 300 yards and not being the guy to miss two field goals.

We know that already.

Now, it’s time to look ahead at what the NFL will have in store for first-round-draft-hopeful Andrew Luck.

Despite what critics are calling Luck’s “most disappointing loss,” he is still leaving Stanford as “the school’s career leader in total offense, touchdown passes, passing efficiency and completion percentage.” With such an impressive college resume, Luck will—no doubt—still be a top pick in the NFL draft, if not the guaranteed number one pick.

It has been speculated since the beginning of the year that Luck will be drafted by the nearly-imperfect Indianapolis Colts, who went 2-14 in the regular season.

Now, sports heads all over the country are torn on the subject: is Luck the best fit for Indianapolis? Would Heisman winner Robert Griffin III be a better fit for the under-achieving Colts? And is it a guarantee that the Colts are going to let go of Peyton Manning in favor of new blood?

In this little sports writer’s opinion, even a college QB as good as Luck could benefit from playing back-up for a year before making the leap as an NFL starter. Luck would be a much better fit for Indy, and it would help his game him to play under a leader like Peyton Manning.

And—despite side chatter from one Archie Manning—Colts vet Peyton believes that, if he’s healthy enough to play next season, he would work well with Luck. The two even have a little past experience working together, with Luck having attended the Manning Passing Academy in July of 2011.

Note: If Manning is healthy enough to start next season, Luck will be back-up for at least a year.

And Luck, being the classy kid that he is, said that he isn’t worried about playing back-up for at least one year.

Sounds like the two are aiming to be civil teammates. Hopefully that attitude can boost the Colts after the NFL draft in late April.

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