Kung Fu catcher? It could happen


Barry Zito could have a personal catcher in 2012.¬†And it’s not Eli Whiteside or Chris Stewart.

It could be the Kung Fu Panda himself, Pablo Sandoval.

That’s right. Pablo could be putting on the “tools of ignorance.”

Giants general manager Brian Sabean told CBS Sports: “On the days Buster needs a day off, period, and wouldn’t be a first baseman or catcher, Pablo could catch Zito starts to get more offense in the lineup and he’s open to that.”

Now before you start freaking out, the important thing to remember is that it COULD happen.

“Now whether it happens, I don’t know, but it’s been discussed,” said Sabean.

Unless injuries keep Whiteside and Stewart from suiting up, I don’t see the Giants allowing their best hitter to take a beating behind the plate. Pablo hasn’t played a game at catcher since 2009.

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